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The question may come up: why Anaheim? What is the Anaheim Advantage? Aside from the more well-known advantages, such as being the true city of Angels and home of Disneyland, Anaheim offers benefits that make it a truly wonderful place to live.


Anaheim’s Department of Utilities is constantly working to keep energy costs down and is a leader in energy conservation and innovation. In 2006, the City Council adopted a proposal to move the city toward a more aggressively green approach to energy and toward a viable condition for our environment. The Public Utilities Department of Anaheim is exploring solutions to energy for a healthier environment and brighter future.

As an Anaheim resident, you would be happy to know that the decisions on energy are made right here in the city and not by the state or federal government.


Anaheim is known for keeping energy as cost-effective as possible. Anaheim will sell excess energy to outside interests, which keeps your rates as low as possible. That’s part of the Anaheim Advantage.


Switch to Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) to conserve energy and cut down costs. They last 6-15 times longer than your normal light bulb. (For more information, go to the Public Utilities’ main page and click on “FAQ about CFL.”


What about solar power? Many people have installed solar plate to use the natural energy from our sun and use it in their household. Getting a solar panel can pay for itself rather rapidly.


To see your solar potential, go to the Public Utilities main page and check the “Solar Map” for your home’s sun potential.


It is estimated that over 26 million cars are in the Los Angeles area with 600,000 new vehicles purchased each year. With the number Southern California residents growing, that means more vehicles, with a greater number of cars being trashed for a new car. A simple way to avoid this is to sell you car for cash, to Southern California’s favorite auto buying company. This one here has a high rating with BBB, but there are many more in the LA area that have a positive reputation.


Not trashing or wasting your vehicle is a real way of helping handle the waste and pollution we all face.


There are dozens more green appliances and measures you can adopt in your home or business. Not only do they help maintain our beautiful city, but the city of Anaheim has different incentives to help make the switch to green a smart move.


Visit for a full list of appliances and energy-saving tips.




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